Has anyone done Wes Bos react for beginners course?

Found this free React Bootcamp series by Tyler Mcginnis. Currently watching it right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GXXGJRDMdQ

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Did you complete Modern React with Redux, how is it?

This is the best explanation ever, I agree 100%. Stephen is a total fraud, and unable teach.

Despite that there is a high newbie hype around him. He knows how to trick his students by explaining trivial things very shallowly, and then showing them as they are the BIG things. All of his “complete” courses are “not complete” at all.

He also badmouths other courses all the time. Finally, he doesn’t return and care about any of his students’ questions. What a fraud indeed.

Yeah I was wondering because I’d seen Wes Bos courses for a while and heard it was the goto resource. I got the react for beginners for free from my previous job, and very glad that I didn’t have to pay. I have some non-professional experience with Javascript and exposure to intermediate concepts so someone with little to no JS experience will be completely out of their depth.

It suffers from the typical “I’m going to kinda wing it while making the tutorial” with some adlibs etc and quick switching between screens which you sometimes miss. I have done it almost upto the halfway point video 11, there’s 29 in total - median length of 15 minutes. Not much I’m picking up and hardly see what i can transfer to creating an app I have in mind, let alone a simple demo app.

I kinda wanna finish it to see if there is anything worthwhile but my time is more important. Might do it one day after some other resource to see if my opinion has changed.