Has anyone gotten a job throguh code competition websites

I’ve been looking into websites like Code Fights and HackerRank for job opportunities but I’m unable to find many accounts of people who have actually gotten jobs through sites like these.

So, has anyone gotten an interview or job through these sites?
How long did it take?
Were you in the top ranks?

My guess is that those who are getting jobs are in the top 10-1000.
While these sites may be good for practicing for an interview, I don’t see much use in spending countless hours trying to get in the top 1000 for a small chance of an interview.

The most important thing to getting an interview is networking. This goes for really any job, not just development work. Development skill is pretty important too, but when your looking for a job, employers usually look at a lot more than just that.

As you already said, these sites are great for practicing your skills. But who cares about getting to the top of the leader-board. It shows you can program very well with small challenges, but that’s about it. What if your a terrible person, or can’t work with a team what so ever? No one knows, and that’s probably more important than actual coding skill most of the time.

Id consider most of those at the top of the leader-boards being the kind of person that wants to be the best at what they do (namely the coding challenges) not the kind of person that is doing it to get recognized for a job. (they might do it to get recognized tho)

Anyone probably would have a better chance at getting an interview and a job by spending all that time doing resumes, updating their portfolio and sending excellent resumes literally everywhere. Obviously you need some skills to put on your resume and portfolio, and being good at these coding competition websites is great to put on those, but that’s about it. There’s a lot more to getting a job, or even an interview than just coding skills.

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Thanks. I’m trying to gauge if its worth my time (along with my other efforts) and so far, it appears to not be so. I hope anyone who has gotten a job through these services is kind enough to share their experience.