Has anyone worked with Foundation?

I’ve been thinking about dabbling with Foundation, maybe for my Tribute project. I know there’s a lot of Bootstrap usage round these parts since it appears in the courses, but I kind of like the sort of more bare-bones approach of Foundation. From what I’ve read, you seem to have more wiggle room when it comes to styling elements vs having to strip out or change a lot of baked in styles with Bootstrap.

Anyone else tried it? Loved it? Hated it? Liked one over the other so far?

I don’t think there’s a huge difference. Just pick one and run with it.

I would recommend Bootstrap if you’re just getting started because you’re likely to get help quicker, due to its popularity, if you get stuck. Hope that helps.

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I did some FCC apps with Foundation. I liked its grid system more (it in general is a lot like Bootstraps, but for me was easier to comprehend, mainly because it has rows, columns, small large classes instead of Bootstrap’s weird col-xs stuff). Also it has less build-in things whch is good for me, since I would style my elements myself thanksyouverymuch. And in all cases it was enough for me to read official docs when I needed to do something with original Foundation. React-foundation, however, was something I just couldn’t get into and I found React-bootstrap documentation mych much better - but you don’t need to worry about that if you aren’t planning to use these with React yet.

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See those were my feelings too. Foundation just seemed to be more straight forward in terms of usability from what I’ve seen so far. You’re spot on with the classes being more comprehensible. The only downside is you apparently have to add “columns” as a class as well to get them to work, but that’s a minor extra step in my mind.

And I like the less built-in stuff too. I feel like you have more freedom to style how you want to without needing to adjust styles already in place.

Yeah I’m not anywhere near ready to mess with React yet, but I’ll definitely keep that in mind!