Has the Simon Game Been Removed from Free Code Camp?

Has the Simon Game been removed from Free Code Camp? I don’t see it!

It’s probably in the interview preparation part, now optional.

It’s in the Take Home Projects section :

OMG! Why did they put it there? Man all that effort I put into learning how to program that it and it’s now optional!?:tired_face::sweat::tired_face:

It’s still a great showcase for your portfolio.

And everything you learned on this project can be applied in other high level projects.

If you have completed Simon, I would add it to your portfolio and check it off the FCC list. These optional challenges are good too, for continued success.

@KoniKodes, oh I most definitely will be adding it to my portfolio! I’m not finish it as of yet, but almost.

Great! Please share with me, I can’t wait to see it.

Mine is at https://codepen.io/KoniKodes/full/OzyZNM/

I shortened it to 5 rounds once I passed the test. My testers were getting lost after 15 rounds…