Has the term "higher order functions" ever been mentioned before in an assignment for the assignment called "ES6: Write Higher Order Arrow Functions"?

Please see Topic title.

I’m not sure, because I am often seeing the challenges out of order and I also don’t have an eidetic memory. However, there is a Free Code Camp Guide article about higher order functions and a quick Google returned very good top results.

Please don’t answer a question i didn’t ask.


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The answer to your question is “No”, if you are currently going by the order the current curriculum is presented. This has been discussed many times in other posts. There have been some changes made to the master branch for the curriculum related to this issue, but those changes have not been deployed to production yet.

That being said, FCC uses the Read, Search, Ask Method, so as you progress further in the curriculum, you will be required to sometimes search for terminology introduces elsewhere.

Side Note: Can you please make your topic titles a bit more concise and save the actual questions for inside the topic?



ES6 is broken. It’s uneducational and broken. Everyone is aware of it, some people will make excuses, and some people will just tell you outright. The advice I took and found successful was to leave this site and study ES6 through alternative sources such as WatchandCode or Scrimba, where information is actually provided about the ES6 syntax. I highly suggest you do the same, especially Scrimba since it follows the fCC ES6 curriculum, but provides video explanation as the problems are solved.

fCC version 7.0 should theoretically solve this issue, until then, don’t take the ES6 section on this site too seriously, google as many answers as you can, and just get passed it. The other sections return to normal teaching methods.

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I really enjoyed the ES6 section and got a lot out of it.

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Good to know. Thank you for your answers.

So I can continue with “Introduction to the Regular Expression Challenges” without too many problems without understanding everything from “Introduction to the ES6 Challenges” intensely?

From there you should know things like arrow function syntax, destructuring, let and const, and spread operator/rest operator

You can go forward with that - later you can return to that section to see the other things you missed

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