Hash Tables are O(1), not O(n)

Hash Table Description indicates an average lookup time of O(n), but is should indicate O(1). See below:

In this challenge we will learn about hash tables. A Hash table is used to implement associative arrays, or mappings of key-value pairs, like the objects and Maps we have just been studying. A JavaScript object could be implemented as a hash table, for instance (its actual implementation will depend on the environment it’s running in). The way a hash table works is that it takes a key input and hashes this key in a deterministic way to some numerical value. This numerical value is then used as the actual key the associated value is stored by. Then, if you try to access the same key again, the hashing function will process the key, return the same numerical result, which will then be used to look up the associated value. This provides very efficient O(n) lookup time on average.