#hashtag alert notifier

Hi i’ve searched google, github, etc…

for something what I first thought would be very simple.

I only want a notification of some sorts everytime a # is used in either twitter, instagram or facebook…

I want that alert to transform in to a signal to automate a sound.

But I’m unable to found a working code for either platform as far.
Or either programming language, python, node, js etc…

Or is this not possible do to restrictions in twitter or facebook/instagram.

If anybody has some info that can help me it would be very appriciated!!

kind regards,

Used where? On the whole platform? Or inside your feed?

What ever is possible, preferably within city range or country range.

But if only available in my feed wel then I can create a bot to make my feed or friend base bigger as a solution.

I need 10 #hashtag alerts per 10 minutes or so if I want to convert it in to an interesting audio output.

As I am waiting for my twitter account to alow me to create an app. I found something called Instamancer that works with instagram evidently.

I’m not sure if this is a solution, because all the tools on github or else all involve tweets or posts or images. But notting about the hashtag and definitely not about alerting.

Is checking for stuff in the database every ten minutes such a big no no on these platforms?

Because I do find al lot of these social trackers websites who offer this in they sleek gui. But nothing in the open source world??