Have a CS degree but haven't done any real coding in years

I want to get back into CS. I got my degree in 2013. But after graduating I ended up traveling around asia teaching english for a few years, then when I came back to the states I got a driving job. But now I’m tried of those jobs and want to get back into CS.

I’ve tried relearning a lot of the stuff I learned in school but it is boring me to tears.
I feel like I already know most of this stuff I just don’t really remember the exact syntax.

So I feel like I’m in a bit of a dead zone where I know I am not job ready because my knowledge is fuzzy due to years of not using it, but I also know enough that I am having trouble finding the motivation to go through most the tutorials on the web that assume that the person has zero knowledge of programming.

Should I just start trying to make projects?

Should I just start trying to make projects?

Given your background, definitely. If there are any knowledge deficiencies you come across while building something, it’s likely you’ll be able to look up whatever it is you need to know at that time, and pick it up quickly.

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