Have a problem about icons (SOLVED)

As you see, I want to add icon on search button’s submit part. I already added the icon but It is not seen.

Link: https://codepen.io/ayhanizmir/full/eYJBpOG

Edit: Problem solved. Thank you


Add font awesome to your project
setting=>css=>search font-awesome

As @Annestezia said, you have to add link to the library in your HTML code . You like it similar to how you would any other stylesheet.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="#">

If you were writing the HTML from scratch you would do that, but in codepen it sets up the document head for you.

Click the gear icon next to CSS, and then search for font-awesome in the search bar that says Search for resources to have codepen set up the linking for you.

@Annestezia @colinthornton @JohnJohn

thank you all very much. Problem solved


Thanks @colinthornton , I learned something new today. I usually develop all of my stuff in a text editor and just copy it into CodePen to run the tests.