Have a problem with JSON

Hello guys! I’m new in JS, have a problem with my code:


function tbotping () {
  var MikroNode = require('mikronode');

  var device = new MikroNode('IP');

    .then(function(conn) {
  var ping = conn.openChannel();
  console.log('Get ping');

  .subscribe(function (data) {
  var myJSON = JSON.stringify(data);


code work correctly, but i can’t understand, how can i get data from myJSON to some variable, for return from main function to use. Now a can only see json data in console. Plz help! Thx alot!

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What’s type of data?
If it is a string of JSON, you can parse the data. for example:

const myJSON = JSON.parse(data);

If not, explain more.

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