Have a program/app theory and want to know if its reasonable and what language/s to start with

I’m wanting create something I can use on my android and win11, though I’m willing to run a secondary os if needed. I’m basically wanting to create a something with the abilities of a word processor and spreadsheet calculator with eventual gallery support and cloud function. I’ve no idea what to start learning to get to that point or if the combination is feasible. Solid knowledge of html and c++, but its 8 yrs old, so assume I’m starting over. Thanks everyone.

If you’re not planning to simply use the existing tools available, then either several years or a team of several professional developers.

Do you have recommendations that don’t include google docs? It also doesn’t have some of the functionality I’d like, to be fair. I figured it might be a too reaching project, but if I don’t ask, then I don’t know, yeah? If I can come up with preexisting infrastructure that will work that would be lovely too. Thank you for your time.