Have a question on fiver and upwork

I have noticed a bunch of people offering web development for very cheap.
i need experiance doing projects. is it possible to get work with low experciane on there just html and css

HI @mrfantasticllc !

That is the nature of these types of sites.
There are a lot of people willing to work for very low wages.

I would say it would be hard to compete in the marketplace with limited experience and skills.
This question comes up a lot on the forum and most people at this early stage struggle to find freelance work because they are passed over by those with more experience and polished portfolios.

My advice would be to continue building up your skill set and start learning JavaScript and at least a framework or library like React or Angular.
The more skills and polished projects you have the better you will be able to compete in the freelance marketplace and land your first few clients.

For HTML and CSS, you could start with these coding challenges from frontend mentor.

Then you can start building your own personal projects.

Same goes for javascript projects.
Start with building some beginner level projects and then build an app on your own.

You want to build a portfolio of apps that would attract potential clients.
An example of this would be an online store. This would require some backend knowledge too but it would look good on your portfolio.

You could also look into building websites for organizations and businesses in your community.
Churches, daycare centers or small non-profit organizations all need help with their websites.
Research local organizations in your area and reach out to help them with their websites for free.
That will help you with building experience and give you something to put on a portfolio.

Hope that helps!