Have freecodecamp's certifications accepting by big IT company's?

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What does mean freecodecamp’s certifications for IT company’s, for universities. Where I can use it?
Owners of those certifications make some feedback!
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what brings value is not the certificate but the projects you do and skills you have.

End of the day certificate and degree is just a piece of paper u finished something , but dosent equate to competency.

Polish ur github , build things those are things that get you the job

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What things I can do to get the job?

build projects . I got mine doing that.

I made a post of how i got the job you can check it out Just got the job as a front end developer :D

Thanks, I am note it

freeCodeCamp’s certificates are not industry certifications. They are benchmarks of our own curriculum, similar to bootcamp “diplomas”.