Have you failed junior dev interviews?


I am still in the early stages of learning ES5 in .js but i’m reading articles and seem to detect a pattern of companies asking to solve algorithms as a “general knowledge test”.

What is the very first algorithm someone learning .js can learn (memorize) to just get her/his feet wet?

Topics like “Edge Cases” and queries like;

“Depending on a function that takes three arguments… What if it only has two? What if your algorithm uses two pointers, but the array of nums has a length of 1 ? Are you assuming what types of values you are going to be getting?”

Seem like anxiety provoking interview leads.

Thanks for your time if you read this message,

Trying to memorize an algorithm sort of misses the point. ‘Algorithms’ is short for ‘a pattern in problem solving that we happen to see a lot’. Focus on the problem solving and practice solving problems in code.

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