Have you same problem like my? Try load html pictures from googles webs

Hi everyone, i try make my frist project yes, but on first step i find problem :smiley:
I was try to load my img picture from google webs, but as I can see ,waw,here start problem, because i cant find root of the picturs, waw. In the https://codepen.io/pen i cant load pictures. Puuf, how your was solved this problems when you was make ur projects?
Normaly will I download that and upload on my VS, but here waw. So what now?
Have you any solution for this situation ?
Any server where i can choice picturs and post that free?

Thanks all .

@tomasmatusek, when you find a picture from Google that you’d like to use you can click on the image and open it in a new tab. Then click the picture and select ‘copy image address’ and paste that into your src attribute.
As an alternate you can download the picture and put it on a free image hosting site (Google and you’ll find a few) or if you’re familiar with it, and you have an account, you can save the picture to GitHub and load it from there.

Hope that helps.

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