Having a Problem Uploading my Tribute page project


I recently completed my Tribute Page and wanted to upload it to FCC to say it is complete; however, it was stuck at 20%. Did the page upload? Please let me know what I can do. Here is my page: https://codepen.io/Greshner/full/WNQBGjV . Thank you for your help.

that is the progress bar of the projects section, you are at 20% because you have completed 1 of 5

Oh. I did not realize that. Thank you very much for letting me know. I appreciate it.

As an aside, I took a quick look at your page. Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.

  • There are coding errors you should address.
    • Not the only error listed but remember, an id must be unique within the document.

If you’d like, there is a Project Feedback forum where you can have others take a look at your projects and get feedback.

Hello. Thank you for your message. I just ran my project through the W3C validator and there were three errors. I will do my best to fix them. I thought the id codes I used were OK. I am not sure how to fix them but I will try. Thank you for your help.

The id's are okay but you can only use an id once. If you have to use an id to pass one of the tests but have several elements that you want to style the same set the id as required and give it and the other elements you want to style the same a class.
For instance you’ve duplicated;
a id="tribute-link"
so for the first anchor link you would put;
a id="tribute-link" class="tribute"
and for any other anchor tags you want to style the same you just put;
a class="tribute"

Hello Roma. Thank you for explaining what to do with the extra id duplicates. It is very helpful. I was confused about when to use class so I did not use it previously. I updated the duplicates from a id=“tribute-link” to a class=“tribute”. I typed a id=“tribute-link” class=“tribute” on the first id. Here is the updated project: https://codepen.io/Greshner/full/WNQBGjV. Thank you very much.

Glad I could help @greschwannabe4. I checked with the W3C validator and still see things in your HTML that need to be cleaned up. Perhaps you haven’t finished with it yet.
If you edit and save the same pen you don’t have to resubmit the project since the link is the same it’ll be picked up.

Some additional info regarding id and class. (And there’s a lot more if you Google it.)

  • In general, an id is typically used when you want to target HTML elements with JavaScript. A class is used to style the page. You can use an id to style the page if you want but know that they have more weight than a class does and the id will override a class targeting the same element. In your own personal projects that you create outside of freeCodeCamp some people recommend only using a class to style the page and an id if using JavaScript in your project. However, JavaScript can target a class too, so you may not need id's that much in your personal projects.

Hello Roma. Thank you for the additional information regarding id and class. I will check it out. I have entered <title> </title> under the <head> but still get an error on the W3C validator. I also typed <html lang="en"> yet still get an error. I am reading more about this but it seems that the errors still occur. It is weird to me.

Also, I typed <!DOCTYPE html> at the top yet I still get an error/warning.

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I’m not seeing the errors you mentioned regarding the title and head elements nor with the doctype but for now, ignore those. Concentrate on the html errors in the body elements.

As an aside, codepen provides the boilerplate for you. It only expects the code you’d put within the body element in HTML. (No need to include the body tags). For anything you want to add to <head> click on the ‘Settings’ button, then HTML and add it into the ‘Stuff for <head>’ box.

Hello Roma. Thank you for letting me know that codepen has a boilerplate for us to use.