Having an issue with css and wordpress

I created these responsive tables offline then brought them into WordPress and I’m am getting some weird CSS issue. I am not great with WordPress CSS and cannot seem to be able to fix the problem. the first two rows have a grey background for reasons I cannot figure out.
here is the page =https://www.truebluelifeinsurance.com/life-insurance-new/
if you scroll down you will see the tables and what I am talking about

It looks like there is a style defined for col-1 and col-2 within https://www.truebluelifeinsurance.com/wp-content/litespeed/cssjs/ which sets the background colour to light gray.

Perhaps you could add an extra class in the table markup after col col-1 to override this?

I can see that but I don’t know why. must be a WordPress theme issue.
I changed it to this
.main_color .col-1{ background-color: #fff;}
.main_color .col-2{ background-color: #fff;}
but now the header is still white.

It’s probably down to the order WordPress is loading the styles in, but what you’ve got works for the row items, so that’s good.

I think you’ll also need to define:

.table-header .col-1

with the blue background so you have the different bg colours for header items and row items