Having an issue with my uploaded sites being enlarged from the size they were when developed

Hi, i’ve just started using firefox to build things with html and css, and i’ve come across an issue when i upload my site to netlify.

My site is smaller when im developing it but when i upload it, it enlarges for some unknown reason to me.

Below are the links to my files and website (top - uploaded website, bottom - the files). If the files show the calculator as the same size to you then maybe an image of my screen may help - calc|690x312 .

Use live server to check the issue and use Chrome developer tools to adjust your code. you can do that with a right click then inspect element.

I would check for this:

  • browser set zoom levels per page, so when you run it locally, hit CTRL + 0 (zero) to reset your zoom, do this also for your netlify page
  • try it in a different browser
  • check if the local source code is exactly the same as the netlify source code

i know i could go through and reduce all my css values so that the size goes to what i was seeing but its a bit annoying that im developing based off what im seeing and then i upload the site and everything expands.

Tried and checked all 3 of these potential solutions and none made an impact haha. I dont understand at all why this is happening and its annoying having to go back through my css and change all my values so that it looks as it did before. Any other ideas?

This isn’t a one off either, it does this with every project that im doing currently.

responsive design @shiney1884 you should literarily modify your code for 5 different views every single time.

But the view is the exact same as the one i was developing with but as soon as i upload the elements enlarge. I know about responsive design and modifying for smaller and larger devices.

How about these tools:
CrossBrowserTesting and Google Resizer? or

Ok thanks i’ll try these out, but i dont believe it has anything to do with responsive design.