Having difficulty learning JavaScript

I am having difficulty understanding the language through your course besides basic ideas.I have been coping and pasting the solutions because it tells me to solve problems that it hasnt taught me like what is join and reverse and other things in the first place. like how Js works in html and how to work my way around loops and functions and the explanation is also too technical to understand. Please help I want to grow but I dont know any other resource to practice Js.

You don’t need to copy paste syntax you haven’t been shown to pass. All of the syntax you need for any challenge has been shown on previous challenges or on the current challenge. The solutions will sometimes show more advanced syntax, but there is always a way to tackle these challenges with more straightforward syntax, unless the challenge is specifically about using advanced syntax.

Once you start copying the challenges, it can be hard to stop because you are not growing the problem solving skills that you need to succeed. I recommend going back to the first challenge where you started copying answers. From there, whenever you are stuck, I would create a forum post asking for help instead of copying the answer. Then we can give you small hints that help you write the answer yourself.

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