Having problem changing the email address (Solved and advice for people who want to change email address)

Hello everyone . I’m currently having a problem which prevents me from changing the email address of the curriculum account . I have browsed related post but it seem like those are unsolved too . Anyone got the solution ? Pls tell me . Thank you

P/s : It turned out that i have to use the link in the same browser i log into my curriculum account

Are you able to actually login to your FCC account?

Yes , i’m able to log into my current acc . I tried to use the “change email address” . It do send me a mail (to the new email) to verify but after i click the link , nothing happend . I try to log in to new email but there is no data or progress

a quick look . i tried to send and and verify the email doloc181103@gmail.com several times but the account stay the same