(Having problem with Grid ) https://codepen.io/jingxuan98/pen/PXMgeO?editors=1100

I was trying to build the web with using CSS grid and I cant find the mistake which is failing to seperate the part of

“Things that should be improved in the future
(Check all that apply):” and the part of “Any Comments or Suggestions?” on the form.

I think there might be something wrong using the grid-templates-area since they are just didnt fit like it should by using CSS grid while other part of the for looks fine.

Here is the link:
(add https here)://codepen.io/jingxuan98/pen/PXMgeO?editors=1100

[Please add “https” manually infront of the link given :sweat_smile: Sorrry guys that i not able to provide the full link because of it say that for security purpuses and i need to post more in the community to unlock this ]


I think you’ve just missed an closing </div> tag after the ‘Things that should be improved in the future’ section. If I put one in it looks like I would expect. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much:heart_eyes:!!!