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**I am having a problem with the helmet, I started information security certification course, I am just a beginner, there are some projects in the beginning so I am just a beginner so I don’t know how to solve them if anyone can help so please let me know.

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Challenge: Install and Require Helmet

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Welcome there,

Would you mind providing more information?

We cannot help if we do not know what problem you are having, or what code you are using.

  • What problem are you encountering?
  • What code are you using? Do you have a link you could share?
  • What is confusing you in the challenge?

Also do note, if you have not completed the previous courses in the curriculum, it will be difficult to complete this section, as a lot of the previous topics are considered requisite knowledge.

Remember: The more information you give us, the more likely we will be able to help

Happy coding :slightly_smiling_face:

should I start the courses from the beginning, I thought, I can choose any course, so if you are saying I have to complete all the courses above, I can understand the remaining courses.

Unless you have a decent experience with Node and Express, I would recommend you start with the earlier courses.

NOTE: As this section includes content for both JavaScript and Python information security, if all you are interested in is the Python content, then there is no need to do the previous JavaScript courses. In which case, just do the Penetration Testing section, and the Python projects - no need to do the JavaScript projects, unless you want to.

Hope this clarifies

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