Having Responsive Issues with my Portfolio project - Need some advice

Hello people,

I am having responsiveness issue for my banner image on smaller device. I cant’t see the banner image on my phone and ipad :frowning:

To check responsiveness test, I have checked on the following links and give me the same result which got on google dev tool.


But when I tired on crossbrowsertesting.com total different look which I am currently having on actual phone. :frowning:

How can I make my banner image responsive and set position to right center from smaller device view. Please advice.


I moved your question to it’s own topic, to get better focus. What is the link to your portfolio site?

Thanks for doing it. here is my portfolio link : www.monikapatel.info

So what is your main question?

What are you trying to resolve with your portfolio?

What do you think is a problem that needs to be resolved regarding responsiveness?

Hey I have updated the description. I have find out alternate over here https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-build-a-responsive-tesla-launch-page-with-bulma-css-2bf484057349 using Bulma CSS but I am using Bootstrap 4.1 at the moment. It should have something. But couldn’t find anything yet :frowning:


What browser are you using on the Iphone and Ipad?

I have tried both Safari and google chrome. Same result in both.