Having trouble getting a job as a developer. Don't know why it's taking me so long

I’ve been coding for about 4 years now doing freelance work on and off. I’ve really ramped up my learning efforts in the last 6 months or so. I feel like somewhat of an intermediate programmer with front-end and I enjoy tinkering with things like node, python and various frameworks on both ends.

I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to find a job. I’ve been talking to recruiters mostly and posting my resume on indeed. I consider myself as competent or more so than any boot camp graduate but they seem to have a better time finding jobs in my city.

This whole situation is giving me a lot of anxiety but I’m determined to make this thing happen.

I’m looking for some suggestions on how to go about getting hired quickly.

Heres my resume on google docs, in case it helps to better understand what I’m working with.

Some good things about your resume but it doesn’t make you sound technical enough. Have you ever seen a technical resume online? That is what i would suggest for you. Something that highlights the tech stuff like this https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/web-developer-resume-sample

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Hello Dominic,

Just checked your CV, and I’m sorry about your current situation and feeling. I hope you won’t overthink about it, same things get easier for you.

I think you should title yourself as back-end or front-end developer first. Being front-end and back-end together could confuse the person like to hire you or read your resume.

@hbar1st stated the good note about your resume, please try to build a new one.

Please don’t overthink and worry about it, I hope you get a good title on a good company soon. But you may accept to work more if you see and feel the area you are living and trying to find a job needs more than you have now.

No pain, no gain.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

Maybe add direct links to ur github on ur resume?

The only reason i suggest this is because yesterday i spoke with a friend of my sisters who works for a big tech company that starts with a G, and that was his suggestion. Soo i took it.

Good luck man!

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