Having trouble making Tribute page image responsive

In the Tribute page I’m having trouble making the image responsive. It is responsive in the GitHub page. When I resize the browser it adjusts perfectly and never exceeds the parent div size. I’m using the responsive class and setting width: 100% and height: auto. I tried max-width, but got a two step back on the errors. Without the max I pass two steps forward but still get a message saying " element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size." It’s not exceeding its original size, so I don’t know what the error wants me to do. It says try using max-width, but like I said, then it steps back two errors. I’m stuck there.

OK, never mind, I worked it out. Please check it out https://codepen.io/silvanet/pen/eMQxpB?editors=0100

I’ll edit the changes on my GitHub page, too.

I moved your post to a new topic, because it was not related to your Random Quote project feedback request.

Oh, OK thanks for that. I got carried away.