Having Trouble Running the React: Use React to Render Nested Components

I keep having trouble running my code in this lesson as it freezes up on me every time I try to run the code. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve tried it in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and it keeps freezing up. Is there a glitch with this lesson or could it be my computer?

It is always best if you can click the Ask for Help link on the challenge, so your post will include the code you have tried along with other relevant information like the actual challenge url. Unless we can see the code you have tried, it is next to impossible to diagnose what the problem might me.

For now, please just copy/paste your code into a reply to this thread. Make sure the line before and after the code contain only 3 backticks like

Put your code here

That’s the thing, I can’t access that code anymore. I have tried accessing the lesson page for it, but the link always breaks. I’m not sure what’s going on with this, and it annoys me so badly that it could be my laptop messing up big time.

Can you post a screenshot of what you see when you go to https://learn.freecodecamp.org/front-end-libraries/react/use-react-to-render-nested-components ?

Also, I assume you can successfully go to any other challenge in the React section?

That is all that I see, then it completely stops and says too much memory is being used. Well, some of these tabs I need open for school, especially if I’m busy working on schoolwork.

And I do apologize for not answering back after so long. I’ve been so busy with school, it’s been ridiculous.

Have you tried clearing your cache for the site?

Also, the next time it locks up, click Ctrl+Shft+I and take a screenshot of your browser console.

You did not let us know if you are able to go to other challenges before or after this particular challenge in the same section.

How do I clear my cache again? I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy with school, and have not had time to get on here as much as I’d love to. I’ve had so many assignments that I had to turn in, and they are difficult ones. If only the JavaScript coding on here showed how to use cookies, because that’s what I’m stuck on, using cookies for my website for my assignment.

Ctrl + Shift + Delete, check or uncheck what you want to delete.



As for the cookies thing, without knowing exactly the requirements for the assignment it is kind of hard to help but I’m sure if you search around (google and MDN) for it you can find the info.

Thank you! I have been trying to delete cookies and cache on here, but it keeps refreshing every page I’m on, which confuses me. I have so much on this laptop for school, that it’s crazy.

Not sure what would cause it to freeze in three different browsers other than something on the system.

Maybe some bad behaving security software. From the image it looks like you are running Avast Secure Browser, do you also have Avast Antivirus installed?

If you do, I’d suggest disabling Avast temporally just to test it. Not sure if Avast also installs any browser extensions as well, but you can try running Chrome (not Avast Secure Browser the actual Google Chrome browser) in Incognito mode which should disable all extensions.

Yes, I’m using Avast Secure Browser, and yes, I do have Avast Antivirus installed on my laptop. My aunt told me it’s for the best to have it, because it’ll protect my laptop from any harm, and she knows best since she’s worked with computers for a long time and her youngest son (may he R.I.P.) always worked with computers. He could literally take one apart, look at the insides of it, and he can put it back together the way it was set up to be. He was that smart of a guy who was only 18 when he passed.