Having trouble uncommenting in the uncomment task


I'm unable to uncomment my work in the uncomment task, as I am unable to edit previously created work.

When I hit space, I am unable to edit previous content, only the content I am currently working on.

I am only having the issue with the editor in this site, and don't experience this issue with other webbsites.

I’m sure what to say.

What browser are you using? Are you on the most recent version? What type of computer are you on?

Do you experience the same issues in another browser? Have you tried your browser’s incognito mode and/or with extensions disabled?

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I am using chrome.

I am using an android tablet.

Yeah, I don’t know about using mobile devices. I know that people have done it, but I would focus on that and look around the forum for posts about using the curriculum on a mobile device.

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