Having Trouble with an If Statement in a For loop: JavaScript

Hey everyone,

I am working on a project for a college course, and I’ve run into an issue I can’t figure out with the JavaScript code. The button that I’ve made doesn’t run this function when it’s called. If someone could take a look at this code and help me understand why it won’t work, that would be awesome!

Here’s the code:

// Function that will create the array of scores. It will then use the array to arrange and average our grades
function newArray() {
  // Making the array to store all of the test scores
  var scores = [60, 70, 99, 82, 77, 100, 75, 88, 100, 75]	  

// The second half of the function, this part will use our array to tell the user how many A's, B's, C's, D's and F's they have

  // Making variables to hold the number of each letter grade
  var gradeA = 0
  var gradeB = 0
  var gradeC = 0
  var gradeD = 0
  var gradeF = 0
  // Making the for loop that categorizes the scores and determines how many we have of each
  for (var i = 0; i <= 9; i = i + 1){
    if (scores[i] >= 90 && scores[i] <= 100 {
	  gradeA = gradeA + 1 ;
	if (scores[i] >= 80 && scores[i] < 90 {
	  gradeB = gradeB + 1 ;
	if (scores[i] >= 70 && scores[i] < 80 {
	  gradeC = gradeC + 1 ;
	if (scores[i] >= 60 && scores[i] < 70 {
	  gradeD = gradeD + 1 ;
	if (scores[i] < 60 {
	  gradeF = gradeF + 1 ;
  } // End of for loop
  // Writing to the screen the number of each letter grade
  document.write ("There are " + gradeA "A grades.") ;
    // Haven't written this all out yet: will do when I get it to work

} // End of function

most of your if statements dont have closing perentheses

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  • You need to be using else if after your first if statement.

  • You’re missing a lot of closing parens )

  • Fix those and your code will run.

  • You may want to think about using .length in your loop. This way you don’t have to update your code if more grades are entered (or removed).

  • As an aside, you should run your code through a JS validator. It will help you find your typo’s if your editor isn’t picking them up for you.

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Thanks guys for the feedback, I can’t believe I forgot the closing parentheses around the if’s! I also changed the if statements after the first one to be else if. It still won’t run, however, even if I just call it right in the code. :frowning:

You were missing a plus sign in your write statement. That’s why I suggested you run your code through a validator.

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Thank you, that did the trick! I tried a couple after a quick google search, but a lot of them were spitting out errors about syntactically sound stuff, or recommending that I put a comma in a strange place. Is there a specific one that you would recommend? Again, thank you so much for your help!

None specific…though I’m sure some reading this may chime in with their personal favorite.

Happy coding!

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You might want to use array.length (in this case scores.length) for your loops to be more safe in the case the array adds or removes values. Also, think about using i++ as a short-form for i = i +1.