Having trouble with design

Hi guys
I finally “finished” my portfolio page. It took me forever and a day.
It would be really great if you guys had some tips for me. I was particularly struggling with the design.
I didn’t want to blatantly copy another side but coming up with my own stuff was hair-tearingly frustrating and, in the end, I just wanted to get it done and posted.
How did you guys approach the design issue?
Thanks for any feedback

uups…nearly forgot to post the link: http://codepen.io/bluecherryme/full/MjMvxE/

Don’t worry too much about it at this point. You’ll naturally get better at design as you build more apps so long as you challenge yourself. Your portfolio looks great, and I’m sure that after getting the front-end certificate you’ll be able to go back to make it better.

Looks great. I would change blue cherry background with something more colorful and make portfolio images same size, otherwise it looks great :wink:

I like what you’ve done so far design wise. Your about me section is my favorite. I agree with the other posters concerning design. It will come with time. I like to look at professional portfolio sites to get ideas (not steal them) and inspiration. It is also good to see what can be done. Sometimes I get an idea that currently isn’t possible code wise or I’m limited in my abilities. I like to challenge myself though. I find when I come up with an idea I do google searches until I can figure out how to do it. I’ve learned a great deal this way. It is also taking me forever to finish my portfolio. Almost done though.

I had the same problem with my portfolio in trying to get the images the same size. I found using background-size: cover along with height: xpx does the trick.

Good luck.

good to get some feedback.
I agree with every word you wrote wesmarsh. I guess it’s about the journey…
it took me over a month before I submitted it.
getting the pictures the same size was really frustrating and I gave up in the end since it’s only a placeholder…