Having trouble with my php crud project (form submiting and directories difficulties in the post i'll share some context

The context is the following, i had a job interview assignment in which i failed to complete on time, now i’m trying to do this just for learning purposes and i’m having issues… it’s a product registration crud

  1. I’m doing something wrong with my including or form submition it’s a simple crud project that the user should be able to add a sale and any number of products that he made with the sale. i’m getting confused with my directories as well These are the 'relevant files ’ where they are: registro_produto\index.php ^ this index file has only a single line of code which is <?php header("Location: public/template.php "); ?> registro_produto\validate.php ^has php validation registro_produto\public\template.php` ^ in this file i ‘import(?)’ cdns, bootstrap,jquery,jqueryvalidate. and it’s also the header and the footer.
<div class="content">
      //require validate
      require_once '../validate.php';
      if (!isset($tpl)) {
        $tpl = '../pages/index.php';
      include $tpl;
      ?> <script src="../scripts.js"></script>

` registro_produto\public\cadastro.php ^ this sets $tpl to the below page with the following code:

$tpl = '../pages/cadastro.php';
include_once 'template.php';

registro_produto\pages\cadastro.php has a <h2> tag and includes the forms:

<div class="container">
    <?php include_once '../partials/form.php';


<form method="POST" action="" class="row g-3 needs-validation" novalidate enctype="multipart/form-data">

` My problem is that i believe i’m not getting any data sent into validate.php, i’m not sure if i should set the form action to that page, this is my networks tab when i hit send with propper data

also this is what happens when i hit send with correct data