Having trouble with my portfolio in bootstrap 3

I have created my nav bar and am working on the footer. The navbar goes all the way across the top, but the only way to get the footer to go all the way across the bottom is to make it a navbar apparently. I have googled and tried many different things for days now. I also have an unordered list of icons in the footer and I can’t seem to get them centered perfectly either. Here is a link to my codepen. https://codepen.io/cullian/pen/MmboOR/. I am using bootstrap 3 because that is what I know (yes, codepen is configured appropriately), but during my googling, it seems that there may be a better way in bootstrap 4, but it is an alpha release and I don’t know it yet. Should I just learn bootstrap 4 and start over?

I am using bootstrap 4 for my portfolio, and I was able to get the footer to span the width of the page. You’re welcome to check it out.

yeah, you just made a footer and it goes all the way across. no margin 0 or width 100%, it just works. That’s what I thought mine would do, why doesn’t it work for me?

Perhaps its a difference in how the classes are defined between bootstrap versions 3 and 4? Looking at your code, I see that I use a few classes in my footer than you’re not using. You may want to either investigate whether those are available in version 3, or switch to version 4 and science it. Either way, its a great way to become more familiar with bootstrap. Good luck!

Its all good now, I made it a navbar-fixed-bottom. I had done this before, but I couldn’t get the icons in the unordered list to center. I made them class list-inline and set the display to block inline. Now it works. Thanks.

Actually, I don’t want it to be a fixed navbar. I have the ul centering problem fixed, now I just need to find out how to make the footer go all the way across.