Having trouble with open weather api

Just getting started on the weather app. I’m not sure why the api is not working. It works fine when I paste it into the address bar in the browser, but it seems to fail when the script calls it.

Not sure if I’m missing something. I understand the problem with https and http while using api, and that doesn’t seem to be the problem either.

I just checked and it seems to work fine. From my experience OpenWeather API is crap. Half of the time it doesn’t work. At least when you use free subscription.

Second everything that @przemoo83 said. It is working on my end, and yes, many of the API projects go in and out of being functional depending on when you check them. But right now it’s good!


You can try using the API from: https://www.wunderground.com/weather/api

You need to register for a key but works OK.

Thanks everyone. I figured out the problem late last night. The api I was using was calling for a forcast instead of the current weather.

I still can’t seem to access the weather description of icon from the api.

You might not want to switch APIs, but there’s this really cool jQuery extension called SimpleWeather.Js (It uses Yahoo! Weather) which is really good at getting weather data. You don’t even need an API key!

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