Having trouble with Responsive Web Design Tribute Page Project

Hi all. I’ve done this project before, several years ago, but I’m redoing it now since it’s been so long, and I seem to be running into some problems. I’m working on the tests in order, and right now I’m on test 9. I’ve used the max-width property like it suggests but it’s not working, and since I’m blind I can’t visually see what if anything is going wrong. Can someone take a look? The link to my code is below. I’m using Code Sandbox since it’s more accessible than Codepen.
Link to Project Code: FreeCodeCamp Tribute Page Project - CodeSandbox
Link to Tribute Page Info: Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Tribute Page | Learn | freeCodeCamp.org

The image is displayed at full size, over 3000px in height and width, much larger than the rest of the webpage.

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