Headfirst use for modern coding?

I bought a copy of Headfirst HTML CSS & HTML5 (1st edition) as a supplement to learning interactive web design on fcc, but I feel that many of the examples include coding curriculum that are out of date.
Does anyone have an opinion on this book, and what, if any use it may have?

even if the languages change over time (pretty fast too), the basics stay the same. You could benefit from the book, just remember to consult documentation on HTML and CSS to find out if the attributes or elements mentioned are still relevant or deprecated.

Lately, with how fast languages are evolving, you will not find many suggestions about books - only if they are good with the fundamentals

To keep things in perspective this book came out roughly 15 years ago (ref) as such you could consider some of what it teaches as “out of date”, as a lot has changed in that amount of time.

Along with that, there have been a lot of advances in web development since then. Due to the nature of the web, things change fast, but at the same time, legacy approaches can still stick around for a long time, assuming they aren’t massive security problems. (like flash)

So your welcome to use the book as a starting point, but I’d take everything in it with a grain of salt as things have changed. Something as simple as using var to declare variables has “changed” (use const or let). This doesn’t mean what you learn in the book wont work, or apply to modern web development, but there probably are different wants to do some things you’ll learn about in the book.

Good luck, keep learning, keep reading, and keep building :smiley: