Healthcare and software development

I am interested in building apps to help people feel better and live longer. I wish to work in this area. what certifications or credentials will be necessary for this ?

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If actual healthcare sector, then [anecdotally] normally a degree (undergraduate at least) in a maths/science/CS subject that relates directly to healthcare, because it requires very strong domain knowledge. Most jobs [again, anecdotally] are either companies spun out of university research programs, or are r&d for large pharmaceuticals, both will generally want/require graduates or Ma/PHD students.

If the goal is just to work on software in the healthcare field, then it’s about the same as working in software anywhere. There’s a strong bias toward degrees in CS or a related field, but with luck and hard work you can get your foot in without one. If the software you’re writing will handle patient data, you might need to pass a background check because those companies have to worry about HIPAA (in the US). There’s tons of software involved in healthcare…remote consultation platforms, billing, test result processing, etc. The more specific your goal, is the more focused you will need to be to achieve it.

Yea tbf I was looking at it from a purely UK based perspective, even then NHS is enormous enough to just hire software developers full stop, it’s just that outside of the NHS (and NHS research stuff – Centre for Ageing etc) what I wrote normally applies

My suggestion for any developer who wants to work in Healthcare IT is to have at least a bachelor’s degree. A master’s in CS or software engineering is even better. However, strong information in any developer stream remains the same as any domain.