Heart Tribute page and Portfolio project

Hi, everyone!

So, this is my first time here and i would appreciate your feedback about the FCC homework projects developed by me. I’ve had a lot of troubles to layout things in html… I’ve used a lot of margin and padding, but i don’t know if this is the best practice. Any advise for me to work and improve it?


Heart Tribute Page

Hey,your tribute page is very nice one indeed. But what with your potfolio? I see some words on the top of the page like: python, ruby and so.

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I see something like this.

oh… i don’t know what is the problem. Here, everything is ok. Maybe it’s an imcompatibility with browsers or just bugs in my code :confused:

The logos are not showing up. I’m guessing you have to enable some setting in dropbox to allow other users to see the photos (I’m not sure). An alternative would be to upload the logos to imgur.
On another note the form at the bottom is a little bit weird as it has the same color as the background, you might want to look into that.
Except that, it is functioning properly.

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