Heavy Discount Course On Udemy

Hi, Friends As a fellow student, I’d like to inform you all there is a heavy discount for “The web developer Bootcamp” course just for $10 on udemy. So, if you are interested than please en-roll . Almost free if you see the packages included.


Hi nibukdk,

Thx for the tip… i took a couple of courses in Udemy and my “top budget” for them is $15… i never pay more than that because they do these discounts all of the time (i would be #$%# if i ever paid full price only to find a 98% off coupon after finishing it).

Top tip for this site: NEVER pay the full price for the courses advertised … do a google search for “XXXXX udemy voucher” and you will find a voucher for sure…

I took 2 courses below (recommend them… they are very good!!) each priced at $200




I totally agree with ya. Never pay full amount for any course.

I brought the web dev boot camp last week. Found a coupon and paid only $15. The smartest of the smartest purchase in my entire life.

I have a couple Stephen Girder React course - very good. I haven’t got it yet (definitely will later), but he has out a brand new course on GraphQL, looks really interesting for anyone used to making REST applications:

btw… I prefer not to call Udemy courses “heavy discount” seeing how you can usually get them for $10 every other month it seems… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can find daily FREE Udemyu coupons here : http://udemy.top