Height of an embedded script

Hi there– I’m embedding a QuestionPro survey into a website. Since it’s only two questions, I don’t want it to have a scroll bar.

The javascript does have a variable for height, but if I change it to something tall enough to accommodate the entire survey, it creates a lot of unwanted padding above and below the survey questions.

I’m guessing I have to define the height of the containing frame, but unsure how to do so in this case.

Here’s the script:

EMBED_PARAMS.surveyID =7675198;
EMBED_PARAMS.domain ="//www.questionpro.com";
EMBED_PARAMS.src ="//www.questionpro.com/a/TakeSurvey?tt=IuIFRjpoyT8%3D";
EMBED_PARAMS.width ="100%";
EMBED_PARAMS.height ="600px";
EMBED_PARAMS.border = "hidden";
</script></p><div id="div_7675198"> </div><p><script src="//www.questionpro.com/javascript/embedsurvey.js?version=1"></script></p>


Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 3.05.18 PM|544x500