Height of the welcome section should be...yada yada yada

I KNOW this question has already been asked and answered multiple times, but I’ve attempted to use every solution given and still can’t pass the “The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport” user request.

I was actually passing this inquiry before and somehow seem to be failing it now. So I’m highly confused.

Here’s a link to my portfolio project (I’m sure there’s more than one thing wrong with it, and I’ve tweaked it so much now that I’m sure I messed it up): https://codepen.io/AshleyCavanagh/pen/NzBGzB

Would appreciate help so very much! Thank you!

OOps! Never mind, fixed it…just left me with a different issue.

I took the padding from the .intro class away. Now my name is buried beneath the header, but I can fix that. Thank you.

glad you resolved it :smiley: I was working on looking at what was wrong.

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Hi Sedmo! Thank you!

Now I’m trying to fix the issue of my name being buried beneath the header. If I try to adjust the padding of the intro header itself, it immediately changes the outcome of the test (I fail again…lol). I’ll try adjusting the page header and see if that helps. I’ll definitely come back here and post what I find works in case anyone else has this issue!


I took all padding out of the welcome-section ID and intro class and instead added bottom padding to the navbar element! It passes and does what I want it to do! WHOOP.