Hello Again to ask you about this

hello there again. If you are writing the assignments code for html in css it will fail all code lessons you see. I know your knew. You need to make sure the tab on top that says index.html is for the assignment for this. If you are writing css it has to be switched to index.css . I also asked you before If you were suppose to add styles.css to the head section. I still dont see this.

Hi @mrfantasticllc

Are you replying to the post made from the other member from the other day? or are you asking another question?

Most of the time you are required to write css on styles.css and add the link element on the head section.

Hope that helps?

My apologies. I was trying to reply directly to the member who was having problems. I was tired and freecodecamp said i could direct message the person. I must of sent you the reply clicking you response to the person instead of them.

Hi @mrfantasticllc

thank you for trying to help with the community!

to direct message, you can click the user’s profile picture and click the Message button.

It will automatically link the related post you are currently in (How intuitive!)

Hope that helps

Sweet, thanks for the guidance.

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