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Hello freeCodeCamp,

I currently have a project for employment opportunity, I have some basic java practice for on and off for about a year, and I have made one html page styled with css a few months ago, also I’ve had about a 2.5 months of JavaScript practice this year a lot of which i will need refreshers on, and I say all of this because I just was given a project with technologies that I have never used before Technologies dealing with back end, basically my first web app. I am hoping to be able to somehow share my project requirements for guidance on how I should make a step by step plan to complete this project. Im a bit inexperienced to the ethics of being a good developer but I have some general questions as pertaining to what is and isn’t good developer ethics and practices as well as possibly getting help for my assignment.


  1. Is it viewed as “ok” or common practice for developers either professional or in some kind of training to make their project public on the web in order to get help? For example I do not feel comfortable just pasting a work assignment online however I very much need help. I am a bit confused as to since this project was given to me by potential employment if it is good practice to just paste my project on the public web and ask for help, maybe Im worried my potential employers will somehow know I am exposing inside material.
  2. Is it common practice to look up code online that has already been written for projects that are similar to or even identical to my current project? Im pretty sure this one is common practice just as long as you do not take another persons code line by line, i figure its ok to look at code similar to an assignment of mine just as long as Im learning for example of how to structure my code as far as classes, packages, front end to back end migration arraignments and such.
  3. Im still working on even understanding my project but I will do my best in hopes that someone may be able to give me a possible good starting point on how to start this project. It is my first web app so I need to simulate a business with basically an employee and manager as users. I will just go over the technologies I need to incorporate and hopefully someone can give me their insight on how to understand this project more fully, I think my main issue right now is I need to understand my project conceptually.
    I need to incorporate these technologies below:
    -Java 1.8


Hi, if you edit your post and label it as career advice you get helpful answers.

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  1. Asking for help is fine, having other people write the code is not. You also do not need to expose all of the project code to get help with specific parts of it.

  2. Looking at examples is fine, copying other people’s code wholesale is not. I would also suggest you make very sure you understand the code. Having code in a project you do not understand is a recipe for disaster and having it in a project you are going to be asked to explain is obviously just a bad idea.

  3. The fCC forum might not be the best place to get help with Java. But for the other parts of the stack (HTML/CSS/JS/MongoDB) I’m sure you would be able to get some help. But we need to know a lot more about the requirements and you would have to ask some specific questions. Again, you really do not need to post everything just to get help with specific parts of it or get feedback.


Thanks for the feedback all of which makes sense to me and I definitely will be back here on FCC when I get to the html/css/javascript, many thanks.

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