Hello Brave World!

Hi everyone!
I’m still in awe of this program, I kind of can’t believe it’s real. Needless to say I’m really happy to be here. A little about me: I got my BM in music education and now I’m a performer, and private music teacher. I’m 30, with wife and child, and really looking forward to burning some calories with the other half of my brain. Ultimately I would like a full stack job or, even better, have the ability to develop my own ideas and make use of my background in music education. I’m cursed with a head full of ridiculous app ideas and no means to implement them whatsoever :scream:
My short path thus far in coding started with a game development course offered through Udemy. It promises to teach you coding while developing indie games. While it was a great way to get a taste of code, I found that I really wanted a better understanding of it in order to have more creative freedom. Since I had already picked up a little C#, I tried to see if I could build a simple app using Xamarin. Many videos later I realized that I just need a more holistic and measured way to approach this massive subject. After talking to some friends who took the 4 year engineering route at a young age, I realized it would be a wise choice to tackle web development over c# for a host of good reasons. I researched different bootcamps and almost pulled the trigger on “Launch School” before learning about this community and curriculum through a random youtube video. I’m really happy to have found “freecodeCamp” and I’m excited to learn and grow with you all! Happy coding :slight_smile:

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Dude! You came to the right place! I was also the guy who almost pulled that trigger on “Launch School” needless to say glad I didn’t. I love how active the community is here and everyone is willing to help one another. This is also a great place to network with others and amazingly free.

We both come from different backgrounds but all of us have the same end goal :wink:

Welcome to FCC! I just started last night so if you would like to study together some time PM me.

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Right on. This is absolutely the place to be. I strongly feel that the self-direction and open-endedness of the projects are the secret ingredient that makes freeCodeCamp so effective.

I’ve also got a few ideas for music apps, born from my frustrating and fruitless path as a composer. I really liked apps that would train my sense of relative pitch, and they really contributed to finally being able to sense when something is in key (especially when it came to modes). Even though it didn’t really help me write music, it made a noticeable change to how I listen to music. All of the apps I tried were really limited, though, usually only playing simple cadences followed by a number of unrelated notes. Why not an app that plays melodies in key? And why not use excerpts from public domain pieces to challenge users to perceive real pieces of music?

Maybe those apps aren’t the great pedagogical tools I thought they were, but it always seemed like a really great idea, even for non-musicians who just want to better appreciate the classics. I had even started on some of the theoretical underpinnings of the app in Python, but scrapped it when I realized how much more work there was.