Hello, can you help my understand this exercice?

How can I understand in this example that strokes must be <= .? I not understand where .

You need to write the part of the code that does the comparison. The table shows what the return string should be for each value of strokes.

Yes,that is true but even that You dont explain me why, as I ask ist, that stroke must be <=
From where I can know that ?(in the table they dont say it must be equal or less than …
Can U try understand me? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘why’.

If the number of strokes is 1, the your function must return “Hole-in-one!”.

If the number of strokes is less than or equal to par - 2, then your function must return “Eagle”.

And so on

I just ask if you or someelse can explain me why is all strokes <= par, i just see only one example and its egle, so how i can know that will be all, just texting or how ? IM only beginer and try for understandting this code, I now write it again on my VS and yes, its work, but U know, I ask like how.(of course I know how, but from where can I know that strike must be less or equal the par and (plus or minus) number.If they dont tell that:

Strokes Return
1 “Hole-in-one!”
<= par - 2 “Eagle”
par - 1 “Birdie”
par “Par”
par + 1 “Bogey”
par + 2 “Double Bogey”
>= par + 3 “Go Home!”

The whole point of the problem it to write code that satisfies the chart. You can’t do the exercise without being given that chart.

The chart is a simplified version of the scoring names in golf, but that is utterly irrelevant to accomplishing the challenge. You just need to write code that satisfies the chart.

So for example and simple explaining, Yu just want to tell me, that its ok now, be more care what will scary onyou after the other doors, what will waiting to you.
How it say, can U imagine for beginer any exam like that? I cant, because Im fire.
How it say,its impossible know that.Puuf.
So that give me point if its not better end this course and go maybe better learn in other way ? :man_shrugging:

Ikd realy.

That is why I ask for help to for understand this problem what i write, how can beginer know that?

I really have no idea what you are saying. If English is not your native language, it may be easier for us to communicate via Google Translate.

Do you understand the task? The task in this challenge is to write a function that takes a number of strokes and a par value and returns the correct phrase, found in the provided table:

Strokes Return
1 Hole-in-one!
<= par - 2 Eagle
par - 1 Birdie
par Par
par + 1 Bogey
par + 2 Double Bogey
>= par + 3 Go Home!

Are you confused about where the table came from? It is not important for understanding or completing this challenge, but this table was created as a simplified version of the names of scores in the game of golf.

You would always need to be given the information in this table, in whatever form, if you were to do a similar challenge on your own.

Do you want help on this challenge and have code that is not working? Please post your code and then I’ll be able to help you fix your solution.

I really don’t understand what you want explained.

ok ,all good.
Yes, english isnt my matter language.
But its ok.

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