Hello, did my first project, now to the second. A few questions

Hey everybody, I’m very glad for finding this website, it is very good way for me to learn to code.
I’ve made a tribute page and send it, but will it be reviewed by somebody from FCC?
Here it is: http://codepen.io/arvivlx2/pen/YVxdLy
Any feedbacks are welcome!
I want to start making my portfolio but I feel a little lost, I don’t know whether I should use Jquery and how, and where to actually begin with it! I’ve looked at the sample’s code and felt very lost in there, seems like chinese to me.
Do you have to know how to design stuff in order to be a front end developer? because I’m not very good with designing stuff.

Hi! In FCC you just do tasks and send it. Nobody will check it. You should post it in a forum for reviewing.
As for your page it is not bad for the beginning. It works. Why did you make so narrow body? When your page is opened in a mobile device, it is almost unreadable.

Hi, thanks for your reply!
As for my page, I couldn’t make the text center, so I search for a solution and found that on some website.
I updated it now, I think it’ll look better now, I need to see it on mobile myself, I havn’t had time for that yet.

Oh yeah!
You are doing great as a newbie. You are on the path to success. Try to improvise new things in your layout, like adding two images in two side by side columns and make It responsive. Try to code custom CSS. Using jQuery is not mandatory.

HTML5 and CSS3 combined can make awesome websites. After two months, lots of practice stress and frustration I was able to make a portfolio like this.

Keep adding new CSS features in your project like linear-gradient, box-shadow, box-sizing, flex box etc.


Well,now list of items doesn’t look well in desktops. Bullets are too far away from the text.
When I did my tribute page I met this problem too.
To solve it you should read about css layouts. Or, maybe there are another ways.


this may help

It will be aligned to left, he want it would be centered.

Be specific dude, do u want li content to be centered or do u want ul to be centered.

You did great…theres the layout issues, but thats a part of learning. It looks like you want the unordered list (ul) centered, but for the text to be left aligned. a-pandy let you know what to do with your li, but yes read up on css and also look to the bootstrap documentation as a guide.

As for designing, nah dont worry about it. web developer is not the same thing as web designer. Some people are great at both and enjoy design, others not so much…what’s important is not how pretty your site is, but how functional it is so that you can, at the minimum, create a technically correct website to display your code on and understand how everything works together.

And later on, as you are further into the path, you can always come back to your earlier projects and update the design.