Hello every body i am new here i do not know what to do

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To pass the test on this challenge, change your h1 element’s text to say “Hello World” instead of “Hello”. Then click the “Run tests” button.

You need to use the code editor to make the appropriate changes and then hit the “Run Tests” button.

The code editor probably has a dark gray (almost black) background and looks roughly like this:

2   <h1>Hello</h1>

thanks for replying me but sorry i do not know how pass or how to write code

i do not know how to change h1 to hello world

The h1 element’s text is the part between the <h1> and </h1> tags. In this challenge’s test, the text is “Hello”, so change it to “Hello World” without changing anything else except this text.

so instead of h1 i should write hello world

If you replace the h1, then you would be changing the element name. The challenge wants you to change the the h1 element’s text. See my last reply above for what text means.

hello world

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where is the run bottom

without changing anything i just change the (hello) to (hello world) is it ok

It needs to be changed from Hello to Hello World not hello to hello world. JavaScript is case-sensitive, so Hello and hello are different. Depending on if you are on a mobile device/tablet or a pc/mac the Run tests button will either be on the left side of the code section or above the code section where the challenge instructions are located. It will be much easier if you can use a tablet or larger screen device when working through the challenges.

i am using a computer still i can not find will you send me a screen shot or what ever which can help me

The h1 elements surround a text that is meant to be a header - larger font.

<h1>This is a header!</h1>


<h1>So is this!</h1>

The text inside the h1 tags is the header, in the first case “This is a header!”.

That is what this challenge wants you to change. The text is “Hello” and it wants “Hello World”. Go to the text editor, make that change, and click “Run Tests”.

As Randell points out, the test is case sensitive. It wants “Hello World”. “hello world” will not pass, nor will “hEllO wOrLd”. It has to be exact.

The Run Tests button is near the bottom of the left side as well as the actual challenge instructions you seemed to have missed.

stilll i could not find the run bottom

In the middle of your uploaded image on the left side.


Also, you should only have one h1 element, you have a duplicate below the first one.

thanks so much sir i did my first challenge


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