Hello everyone - A total programming beginner here :)

Hey friends!

I thought it would be great to join a community and participate in various discussions - although I am completely new to programming. A bit of background : I completed a bachelor of psychology degree 3 years ago and have been working in various government projects over the last few years. I enjoy the variety that comes with project work.

Our project that I’ve been working on the last 2 years final came to a close in July this year and i’ve been looking for work ever since. Its been a bit stressful as there is not much around and i’ve always had an interest in technology, so I thought i’d use the downtime to start teaching myself programming. I’ve nearly completed the responsive web design course which has been really good fun and i’m keen to start learning javascript.

My goal is to be able to get an entry level job as a web developer in the next year or so (hopefully i’ll be able to find some work in the meantime!). Is there any programs you’d recommend me getting. Although i’ve been working purely on the freecodecamp resources, i’ve downloaded Visual studio code and have iterm terminal.

Anyhow thanks for reading, hope to learn a heap from all of you!

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Good work and good luck!