Hello everyone .I need descent advise

I have some questions in my mind .
1.) I am preparing myself and applying for python developer job .In the mean time i have planned to work on freelance projects to earn my livelihood .I do not have any idea when i would be able to get full time developer job .I wanted to know would my freelance projects matter or it would be consult as my work experience .
2.) I am not having 4 year cs degree so i am working on my portfolio.In my country i have seen so many people devoting too much time on job .There are not having 9 to 5 schedule but rather it takes there much of time .I am passionate about job but that does not mean i am not passionate about other things .I have lot to do with my life .Some time overtime does not matter but no fixed hour working hurt me .

3.) Do there is something i can do to get job at descent company with descent salary and working hour .I can migrate from my home land to any other place .But i want to know the track , one thing comes to my mind is great contribution in open source .But i still want to have a very descent advise . I have shortcoming in my qualification and i have a plan to cut it down but for that i need descent earning and time .That is completely not possible in my country .I am again writing please do not assume that i am not interested in developer job but i want to learn and do much more things with my life .I can struggle in in itial phase and i can give time to open source etc initially but i might be able to get descent job after that period .

I hope my post will not irritate people and they will be patient and humble while replying me back
Thanks for yor time .

You can get a dev job with no formal degree if you work hard enough and are employable. I’m self learning too and I’m not frightened by the fact that I don’t have a CS degree (I do have an IT degree).

Everyone wants more time for themselves but worrying about having to work too much is in my opinion silly. You are going to have to work 12 hours a day sometimes or maybe even a whole day. But if you love the work and don’t mind doing the work then its not so bad.

You could work remotely and you will always have your own schedule or freelance and be independant :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not an expert in this, I’m sure someone else will give a better and more detailed answer.