Hello everyone :) New to freecodecamp, aspiring front end dev here, seeking advice on what course/s/pathway to take [Full details in thread]

Hi everyone, my name is Ryan and this is my first post ever on this forum. Just here for some advice. Hopefully you guys can help me. Hello everyone by the way :slight_smile:

Ive been learning python pretty extensively over the past few months on codecademy. Ive gone from knowing essentially nothing to something. Very satisfied with my progress so far up to this point.

After doing a lot of reading and research on what IT pathway to go down , ive realized that front end web developement is the right choice for me. Learning python has given me a good idea on what coding is like and i would like to now focus on exclusively learning front end web dev for my future. I am a very visual person which is why i am leaning down the frontend path as opposed to backend where logics and problem solving skills are much more heavily focused there instead.

Upon seeing the full breakdown of what freecodecamp has to offer which is :

  • Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)

  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification (300 hours

  • Front End Libraries Certification (300 hours)

  • Data Visualization Certification (300 hours)

  • APIs and Microservices Certification (300 hours)

  • Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification (300 hours)

  • Coding Interview Prep (Thousands of hours of challenges)

Everything above is the full breakdown to aquire the skills needed to become a full stack dev. What if i only want to be a front end dev? Which course should i take above? Looking for advice on this as each course is 300+ hours to complete so i need to make sure i only focus on what i need to be focusing on. Or do most people do all of this (1800+ hours) even if their goal is just to be a competent front end dev. I am pretty new with programming in general so of course this question could just be really dumb. Thats why i seek help from you guys on what to focus on. Looking for any advice on what course to work on if id like to be a front end dev (or do most people learn everything above regardless if their goal is to be a front end/ back end dev, etc). What should i do?

Thank you everyone so so much.

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welcome to the community !!

first three courses are essential for front end dev,you can take 4th course if you want to learn visualization of data
some coding interview prep will sure help you
don’t worry it does not takes whole 300 hrs if you have some programming background

What you see is the barebones of what you need, not all of what you need
for front end you at least need Responsive Web Design, JavaScript, and Front End Libraries - the Data Visualization cert is also front-end but a bit more niche, it can also be useful.
The Code Interview Prep section has many many algorithms to solve, in case you want more practice with JS, and also some Take Home projects (only front end, but also full stack) in case you want more practice for that.

Consider that the freecodecamo curriculum is considered to be a linear curriculum, and to do all, so you can find stuff useful as a front-end dev also in the last two certs, if only to know what the front-end part of the application you are working with have to deal with the back-end.

If you want a more complete roadmap, you can look at something like this: