Hello everyone please critique my survey form page

here is my codepen link

I think that it looks great! Much better than mine looks. Made me realize I didnt put much effort into that project when I did it. That`s not really constructive criticism though. The only thing I can think of is that in the text-area section where you say “tell us how we can improve” you are only using a placeholder to tell the user what to do but for every other section there is a part to the left of it telling the user what to do. So I guess that created a bit of an inconsistency. That s all I can think of though!

Hi @zootechdrum, very visually appealing form! The background color and the form color work well together and the form is mobile responsive.

The only thing I would change a bit is the description font color, as this is almost invisible.

Well done!

Thank you for taking a look. The description portion is displayed like that on purpose. I recently just finished watching Terms and Conditions may apply. I had no idea how much we were agreeing to when we put our information on forms such as the one i built or ones on any social media site. Thank you again for the kind words.

Thank you! I worked consistently hard on it.