Hello everyone! Xavier Ortiz here!

Greetings fellow coders and coders-to-be!

I’m Xavier Ortiz. Currently a System Engineer at Sonus Networks. I arrived there through an acquisition of an SDN company in late 2014.

I started to take software development learning slightly more seriously a couple of months before the acquisition, I’d say mid 2014. So far, I’ve finished a Python and Java specialization through Coursera at Rice and UCSD respectively. I enjoy learning, but most importantly, I’d like to leverage these skills in the near future to complement the suite of products we’re using, and also to better help fellow SEs to understand what’s going on and how everything interacts between the SDN equipment and external apps.

Long term, I’d like to move a bit more towards a software development role, perhaps as a freelancer that could lead to something bigger later on. Not chasing a “Killer App” or looking to be the next “Unicorn” or “insert buzzword here”, but definitely would like to be involved in a smart software or software related startup.

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Welcome to the forum and that is a excellent plan!

Happy coding buddy.